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    What is a "rotomoulding septic tank"


    At present, the commonly used glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tanks, injection molding septic tanks, blow molding septic tanks, rotomolding septic tanks are commonly used in the market. Then let's understand what a rotomolding septic tank is:

    Advantages of rotomolding septic tank:

    1. Never leak. It adopts advanced rotational molding technology for one-time molding, no welding, good sealing.

    2. Corrosion resistance, high compressive strength, good shock resistance. Adopt new PE material imported abroad.

    3. Small footprint. The area occupied by this product is about 45% of the traditional septic tank, which saves land resources has the characteristics of flexible site selection.

    4. Good treatment effect. Using microbial technology, no need to add other chemicals, simple economical.

    5. Long service life. This product is resistant to humidity, acid alkali, oxidation, high low temperature, no deformation, normal use for more than 50 years. Rotomolding septic tanks are generally applicable to residential buildings, office buildings, schools, nursing homes, enterprises, workshops, living rooms other industrial civil buildings compared to similar plastic molding products.

    6. Material: 100% imported food grade new raw materials, rotomolding, one-time molding, high strength. Never leak


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