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    Technical points of three-format cesspool


    At present, harmless septic tank technology has become more more popular, so what are the technical points of the three-format septic tank?

    The three-format cesspool toilet structure is mainly composed of a urinal squat ( toilet), a fecal pipe a fecal storage tank.

    1. Manure storage tank

    The manure storage tank is composed of a sealed tank with three compartments connected by two manure pipes. According to its main functions, it can be named as interception sedimentation fermentation tank, re-fermentation tank manure storage tank. The three tanks are connected by a fecal pipe. There are oblique intubation inverted U-shaped inverted L-shaped tubes, but the oblique intubation is used. It is advisable to use PVC plastic pipe with an inner diameter of 100~150mm as the fecal pipe. It can also be made of cement prefabricated, ceramic pipe other materials, the inner wall is required to be smooth. In order to prevent clogging, consider the size flow of the manure tank, increase the number of manure pipes appropriately.

    2. Toilet, cover, slag removal port, fecal outlet

    The toilet can generally be a water-saving toilet. It can be a toilet a squatting toilet. A septic tank cover has a manure inlet a slag removal port, a toilet is installed on the manure inlet. The manure inlet pipe can be made of PVC plastic other pipes with an inner diameter of 150mm. It should be as far away the manure opening as possible close to the tank wall. , In order to reduce the disturbance of water impulse to the pool. When installing the toilet, it can be fixed without cement, the manure inlet can also be used as a slag removal port. Splash-proof straight toilets water-sealed toilets do need to be connected to the fecal pipe. The top of the second tank should be sealed, but there must also be a slag removal port. The top of the third tank has a fecal outlet the fecal outlet is sealed with a cover. .


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