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    Carrying out rural toilet improvement work has many benefits


    The toilet is an essential facility for people’s daily life, it is also a sign that reflects the level of civilization in a country region. With the development of the economy, people’s living standards continue to improve, rural environmental problems have become a bottleneck that affects the survival development of farmers in our region restricts local economic development. one. The active development of rural toilet reform has attracted more more attention governments at all levels.

    First of all, changing to sanitary toilets can effectively improve the environmental sanitation in rural areas. Everyone knows that human feces are breeding places for flies. If the pit is airtight, in summer, maggots in the pit will squirm flies will fly around indoors outdoors, which only affects people's toilet conditions, but also affects other family environments. When using sanitary toilets, people cannot smell the odor when going to the toilet, there is no interference flies maggots, which is convenient for sanitation.

    Secondly, the implementation of rural toilet reform can effectively control the epidemic of infectious diseases. Human feces contain a lot of bacteria, viruses, parasite eggs, etc. Farmers directly contact untreated feces in the fields, they are susceptible to parasitic diseases; people who eat contaminated vegetables are prone to "disease ingestion" cause intestinal infection disease.

    Furthermore, the implementation of rural toilet reform can increase fertilizer efficiency. If the feces are stored properly, they will be exposed to the sun rain. During the decomposition process, the fertilizer will be volatilized, lost, pollute the environment, the fertilizer efficiency will be greatly reduced. According to experimental measurements, the outdoor open-air manure pit is airtight, the nitrogen fertilizer loss is 68.7% after a period of time; while the manure pit is sealed, the nitrogen fertilizer loss is only 8.4% in the same time. Changing toilets can increase fertilizer efficiency, increase manure utilization rate, promote increased production of food crops.

    At present, our district is vigorously promoting the double-urn funnel toilet, which is an ideal sanitary household toilet suitable for the rural environment in our district. After five years of unremitting efforts of the district's toilet reform office, a total of 5,699 toilets have been reformed in the district, accounting for 16.5 percent of the total number of households in the district. The task before us is still very arduous. In the next step, with full enthusiasm greater work intensity, we will actively guide the peasants to carry out toilet improvement work, in order to improve the development environment of farmers in our region, promote the construction of a new socialist countryside. Make greater contributions.


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