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    Design principle of plastic three-format manure tank


    The plastic three-format septic tank is divided into three parts. It is designed with a staggered level of the partition board. The sewage flows in a circular manner. The sewage disposal capacity is at least two times higher than that of the ancient septic tank with the same volume.

    1. Accumulation The fallen area accumulates the living sewage, the larger substance sinks into the bottom of the tank for septic treatment, the smaller proportion floats on the upper surface of the water, which can be taken out the cleaning mouth. At the same time, the waste water is used for septic purposes. The complex difficult-to-resolve organic matter is degraded into easily-resolvable substances.

    The two partition areas convert the direct water into circulating water, increase the residence time of the sewage in the tank, make the sewage contact with the accumulated sludge in the tank longer, produce more microorganisms, dissect swallow the sewage.

    2. The filter area adopts the advanced biofilm disposal technology at home abroad. After time cultivation, a large number of microorganisms multiply on the surface of the filter to form a biofilm. The sewage touches the biofilm on the surface of the filter, the organic matter is captured by the microorganisms adsorbed. anatomy to complete the purification of sewage.


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