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    What are the precautions for the daily maintenance of rotomolding equipment?


    1. Check the system equipment for leakage of oil, gas, electricity, water. Carry out the necessary cleaning work. Remove dust, oil, debris, etc., especially the travel switch, shuttle uni-arm rail, transmission teeth, chains other parts.

    2. Check the fixing sealing of the motors, oil pumps, hydraulic pumps, steering gears, gearboxes, main auxiliary shafts, boom heads, shuttle shafts, burners, etc., see if the screws are loose dropped. Whether the air pressure is normal whether the tension of the electric belt is appropriate.

    3. Check the lubrication points of the equipment to confirm whether the parts that need to be lubricated are sufficient. If they are insufficient, they need to be supplemented filled.

    4. Check whether the temperature control of each process the display of the instrument are correct, whether the ignition, heating, temperature control cooling systems are working properly.

    5. Check whether the rotation of each part is flexible accurate, whether there are abnormal sounds other abnormal phenomena. If the operating sound of the machinery equipment is abnormal, a mechanic should be arranged to check it, according to the situation, whether it needs to be shut down for maintenance troubleshooting.


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