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    Why is the septic tank full


    In daily survival, everyone has to run the latrine several times a day to secrete memory. Before going out the latrine, everyone must flush the toilet to flush out the secretions. The water in the toilet can wash away the secretions because A septic tank is installed under the toilet, which is a device that can dispose of feces filter the accumulation. There are so many people who go to the latrine every day. Some people are wondering, will the septic tank be full? Yes, it will be full, then why is the septic tank full? Let’s talk about it. The reason why the manure tank will be full.

    1. Why the septic tank is full? The reason is that the solidified material is dissected at the bottom of the tank, the hydrated objects in the upper layer enter the pipeline flow away. In order to prevent the pipeline clogging, the solidified objects have sufficient hydrolysis time. Normally, septic The tank is a small-scale disposal building that divides the living sewage into compartments performs anaerobic digestion of the sludge in real time. The septic tank is a principle that exercises accumulation anaerobic fermentation. The cesspool is always full.

    Sewage contains a lot of feces, paper scraps, pathogens. The concentration of suspended solids is that the concentration of organic matter BOD5 is between 100~400mg/L, the concentration of suspended organic matter is 50~200mg/L;

    2. Sewage entering the septic tank can remove 50%-60% of the suspended solids after 12~24h of accumulation;

    3. After more than 3 months of anaerobic digestion of the deposited sludge, the organic matter in the sludge is dissociated into stable inorganic matter, the raw sludge is transformed into stable cooked sludge, which changes the layout of the sludge reduces The moisture content of the sludge;

    2. Due to the layout of the septic tank

    1. Sewage is discharged the water inlet first, solids parasite eggs with a larger specific gravity are deposited in the grid. The anaerobic bacteria in the pool water is first fermented dissected. The sewage treated by the grid can be divided. There are three layers: (1) mushy feces skin; (2) clear fecal liquid; (3) solid feces.

    2. The fecal liquid flowing into the second compartment has generally been decomposed, the germs parasite eggs have been basically killed;

    3. The function of entering the third grid is mainly for temporarily storing the accumulated fecal liquid which is basically harmless. After the death, the fecal liquid deposited again flows into the pipe network through the drainage pipe.

    3. The design reason makes the septic tank dissatisfied:

    1. Unique design, pressure impact resistance;

    2. Compact layout, diligent thrifty space;

    3. Convenient construction, saving labor time;

    4. It is easy to leak has good precision;

    5. Economical practical, diligent cost-effective;

    6. Durable, safe efficient.


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