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    Principle of three compartment septic tank


    The three-cell septic tank is composed of three connected tanks, which are connected by a fecal pipe in the middle. It mainly uses the principle of anaerobic fermentation, middle-level feces parasite eggs that are larger than the general mixed liquid are easy to settle. The feces are in the tank. After more than 30 days of fermentation decomposition, the manure liquid in the middle layer flows one to three in order to achieve the purpose of precipitating killing parasite eggs intestinal pathogenic bacteria in the manure. The manure liquid in the third tank becomes a good fertilizer.

           Fresh manure enters the first tank the manure inlet, the manure in the tank begins to ferment decompose. Due to the different specific gravity, the manure liquid can be naturally divided into three layers. The upper layer is pasty manure skin, the lower layer is lump granular manure, the middle layer is relatively clear Of fecal fluid. The upper layer of manure skin the lower layer of manure residue contain the most bacteria parasite eggs, the middle layer contains the least eggs. The initially fermented manure liquid in the middle layer overflows through the manure pipe to the second tank, most of the unfermented manure skin the dregs remain in the first tank to continue fermentation. The manure liquid flowing into the second tank is further fermented decomposed, the eggs continue to sink, the pathogens gradually die, the manure liquid is further harmless, the resulting manure skin thickness are significantly reduced compared with the first tank. The fecal liquid flowing into the third tank is generally decomposed, the bacteria parasite eggs have been basically killed. The function of the third tank is mainly to store the basically harmless manure liquid.


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