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    The significance of promoting the renovation project of aqua toilets


    The renovation of dry toilets is related to the interests health of farmers. The interests of the masses are the most basic most important interests. In order to further improve the rural living environment, cultivate the civilized healthy living habits lifestyles of farmers, improve the happiness index of rural residents, the Chinese government is actively Intensified the renovation of dry toilets, made every effort to revitalize the village.

    Reasons for advancing the aqua toilet renovation project:

    1. A large number of dry toilets exist. Some dry toilets have been in disrepair for a long time, the sanitary conditions are very poor, which seriously affects people's lives production. When summer comes, the feces will be fermented at a high temperature, producing odor polluting the environment.

    2. Mosquitoes breed, spread diseases endanger human health. Summer is the season for mosquitoes to breed. The existence of a large number of dry toilets provides a living environment for mosquitoes to breed. Mosquitoes carry viruses spread among people, leading to disease transmission affecting people's body mind. health. In addition, mosquitoes that breed in dry toilets can contaminate food at will, causing food safety issues threatening people's lives health.

    3. It is difficult to clean dry toilets, increasing the labor intensity of farmers

    The integrated three-compartment septic tank is composed of water-saving high-pressure flush toilets, buckets, squatting pans, septic tanks, deodorizers connecting pipes. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, convenient installation, low price, anti-corrosion durability, it is anti-odor anti-fly. Anti-maggots, anti-freezing, water saving, pollution-free, odorless, clean environmentally friendly, it is the recommended product for toilet improvement in rural areas urban-rural areas in northern my country. This product is simple, efficient, convenient suitable for promotion.

    (1) Advanced design concept, circular flow of sewage, sewage treatment capacity at least twice as high as that of traditional septic tanks of the same volume.

    Optimized structural design, mature process technology, high product strength, acid alkali resistance, corrosion resistance.

    Save water, use about 0.35 liters of water per flush.

    No peculiar smell, no maggots, no leakage, no pollution to groundwater.

    The product has good sealing firmness, ensuring the function of anaerobic feces.

    Harmless treatment of feces can prevent the feces spreading various diseases, prevent air, soil, water pollution, protect the environment.

    Lightweight, easy to transport, convenient quick to install.

    Save labor time, the service life can reach more than 50 years.


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