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    Advantages of integrated plastic septic tank:


    1. The toilet sewage is first discharged the water inlet to a compartment. The solids with a larger specific gravity parasite eggs are deposited. The anaerobic in the pool water is used to start the preliminary fermentation decomposition. The preliminary treated sewage can be divided into three Layer: Pasty liquid manure, relatively clear liquid manure, solid manure residue. The initially decomposed manure liquid flows into the second compartment, while the dung skins floating on the top the dregs deposited on the bottom are left in one compartment to continue fermentation.

    2. The manure liquid in the second cell continues to be fermented decomposed, the eggs continue to sink, the pathogenic bacteria gradually die, the manure liquid is further harmless, the fecal skin dregs produced are significantly reduced compared to the first cell.

    3. The fecal fluid flowing into the third compartment has generally been decomposed, the bacteria parasite eggs have been basically killed. The third grid function is mainly to temporarily store the sedimentation of the basically harmless manure liquid. The sedimented manure liquid flows into the municipal pipe network through the drainage pipe enters the sewage treatment plant for further treatment.


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