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    Three-format rotomolding integrated cesspool rural toilet renovation background


    The big background of rural toilet renovation, three-format rotomolding integrated manure tank will become the new favorite

    In order to overcome the problem of rural governance, my country has launched a "toilet revolution" to transform substandard toilets in rural areas. Is there still a rural toilet renovation policy in 2019? What are the transformation standards technologies?

    1. Background of toilet renovation

    1. Toilets appeared before the Zhou Dynasty in my country, but they were still relatively primitive. Moreover, in the early days of the founding of New China, the toilets in rural areas were generally primitive, the feces in the toilets were directly exposed mosquitoes could be seen in them. They are everywhere, leading to high incidence of intestinal infectious diseases such as cholera dysentery, parasitic diseases such as schistosomiasis, which greatly threaten people's health.

    2. On March 1, 2010, my country even published the "Rural Household Toilet Renovation", a technical manual for village renovation, which included the harmlessness of feces disease prevention, the renovation of rural household toilets recommended three compartment septic tanks. Toilets, three-connected biogas digester toilets, urine-diverting eco-sanitary toilets, double urn funnel toilets, double pit alternate toilets, loft-type composting toilets, introduced water-saving toilets successful cases of old toilet renovation.

    2. Is there still a rural toilet renovation policy in 2019?

    In order to improve solve the problem of rural toilets as soon as possible, various localities have introduced various policies, formulated standards for toilet renovation, given certain subsidies to farmers who perform toilet renovation.

    1. At the two sessions this year, the revitalization of rural areas was once again mentioned. Among them, the key implementation of the rural toilet renovation policy 2018 will continue to be implemented. The central government will allocate 7 billion yuan to promote 10 million farmers to realize toilet renovation.

    2. In addition, the rural toilet renovation policies of each province city are different. For example, Wuhan will complete the construction renovation of 765 rural public toilets 120,000 rural household toilets in 2019; Henan will promote 3 million rural households in 2019 Renovation of harmless sanitary toilets; Gansu will renovate more than 500,000 household sanitary toilets in rural areas in 2019; Hainan Province will complete the task of refurbishing 4711 rural households in the county in 2019, achieving harmless sanitation for more than 95% of rural households WC.

    3. Rural toilet renovation technology

    1. The transformation of rural toilets is mainly for the harmless treatment of feces, reducing the chance of the spread of pathogens in the feces, preventing intestinal infectious diseases parasitic diseases. So three compartments septic tank toilets, triple biogas tank toilets, double urn funnel toilets, urine-diversifying ecological toilets, flush toilets, etc. are all possible. You can choose according to your actual situation, you can find a professional Of technicians carry out transformation.


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